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Unique Integrated Telepsychiatry Positions

Statewide, WA
Dear Colleague:
I would like to introduce you to the ARCADIAN WholeCare model – a service line built specifically for the integration of psychiatric services in, and with, those or primary care - an all delivered remotely by means of secure telemedicine technologies.
WholeCare includes all elements shown in the research to be essential for optimal effectiveness of BH services in value based health care. And the fact that we deliver all elements remotely, means that we are an extremely efficient way for medical groups and ACO’s to optimize individual wellness and population health.
Fidelity to the integrated care model permits delivery of better care, realization of better population health, and overall reduced healthcare costs. And at the center of it are you and your patient, focused on quality care while we take care of everything else. Your patient appointments are unrushed and allow you to maintain your "clinical soul" while delivering evidence-based clinical services.
I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you and to answer any questions you might have about integration of Telepsychiatry and primary care and how you can play a role. Thank you very much for your consideration.
Best regards,
Phil Hirsch, PhD
Chief of Clinical Integration
ARCADIAN Telepsychiatry
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